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    Help Sponsor the Medical Staff in La Chureca

    The local medical staff are critical to clinic operations and Manna's role serving the community in the municipal dump of La Chureca. For $1,950 monthly, we can cover salaries to operate a clinic that provides 30,000 treatments per year to the 2,000 individuals living in La Chureca.  Here's how you can help:


    Dr. Maritza Perez Brenes - General Doctor

    Doctor Perez has been working at the clinic for over 9 years. Since this population is vulnerable to so many illnesses and diseases – especially the children – she enjoys going to work each day because she can know and help people living in La Chureca.  She has three children and two grandsons that she absolutely loves spending time with!

    Team sponsorship goal: $350/month

    Currently 22% Funded.

    Join Dr. Perez's team.





    Dr. Isabel Lesly Ruiz Gomez - General Doctor

    Dr. Lesly has been working in La Chureca for 9 years. He enjoys his work in La Chureca because he has seen many needs and health problems facing the community that have been neglected by the rest of society for many years. He is committed to supporting families with their health and medical needs.  Dr. Lesly is also a proud father.

    Team sponsorship goal: $350/month

    Currently 26% Funded.

    Join Dr. Lesly's team.





    Yamileth Velasquez Benavidez - Pharmacist

    Yami has been working at the clinic since it opened. She likes working in the community because she knows she is making a difference in peoples lives in La Chureca. Yami is a single mother and enjoys spending time with her children when she's not working in the pharmacy.

    Team sponsorship goal: $250/month

    Currently 11% Funded.

    Join Yamileth's team.







    Julio Cesar Gonzalez Aguirre -   Health Promoter

    Julio has been working in at the clinic in La for over 5 years visiting families, providing health and hygiene prevention seminars for community members, and providing health services. He enjoys his work in the community and hopes that his work will empower individuals and improve life. He is studying for a degree in Social Work to improve his work in La Chureca.

    Team sponsorship goal: $200/month

    Currently 8% Funded.

    Join Julio's team.





    Isayana d. Carmen Caitan Hernandez - Nurse

    Isayana is the newest edition to the clinic team and has been working there for just over a year. She enjoys her work because she has an opportunity to help people with great needs – those living in La Chureca.

    Team sponsorship goal: $200/month

    Currently 20% Funded.

    Join Isayana's team.







    Rosa Esmeralda Diaz Solis - Social Worker; Nurse; Coordinator for Child Sponsorship Program

    Rosa, who we call Esmo, has been working for Manna for 5 years. Esmo is integral to our Child Sponsorship program and provides weekly health and nutrition seminars for the mothers in this program. Esmo is a single mother of one son - she is dedicated to her son and loves helping him with his homework when she is not working.

    Team sponsorship goal: $250/month

    Currently 60% Funded.

    Join Esmo's team.




    Sandra J. Fuente Aguilar - Executive Director

    Sandra has been working in La Chureca since 2002, to address the many needs that families have living within a trash dump.  She heads up the Nicaraguan organization, Funjofudess , that operates the clinic.

    Team sponsorship goal: $350/month

    Currently 0% Funded.

    Join Sandra's team.