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Short-term International Volunteering


Summer Internship

The MPI Summer Intern Program gives volunteers experience working with a non-profit and serving an underprivileged population. The program integrates the volunteers into the daily functions of MPI Program Directors as they assist in planning classes and instructing lessons. Volunteers will get a snapshot of MPI´s longterm goals in action, seeing how their trip contributes to the greater pictures of community development.

There is ample opportunity for volunteers to interact with the local community through established programs and on their own initiative. Volunteers are encouraged to put their education and passions to use by making suggestions or recognizing new areas in which MPI could better serve the community.

Summer Interns are college-aged and ready to utilize their energy, enthusiasm, and intelligence to contribute to the on-going development in the local community. Weekdays are full of possible projects, and the volunteers will be as busy as they choose to be. Weekends are often open for travel around the beautiful country in search of diverse cultural and tourist locations.

For more information about the Intern program, please review:

 MPI Summer Intern Application Handbook

If you have any questions, please send us an email at summer@mannaproject.org.




Spring Break 2015

Spring Break trips are designed to provide service opportunities to groups of students looking to spend their Spring Break serving others and experiencing another culture. These groups are organized at their respective universities. The group’s leaders communicate with MPI to plan the trip, selecting the focus of their trip and determining a fundraising strategy. Collaboration with the Program Directors ensures smoother sailing and an experience that will make a lasting impact for the volunteers and for the communities being served.

Check out our Spring Break Info Sheet for more details.

Then submit a completed application to springbreak@mannaproject.org.

Short-term Opportunities:


Spring Break Info Sheet


Summer Intern Handbook